As a large-scaled wicker basket manufacturer, we could supply various kinds of willow items with delicate design and superb quality.



The Best Custom wicker basket Manufacturer has obtained FSC and BSCI.

In-house production including woven, dry and painting; therefore, we have total control over the production process for quality and production schedule for delivery time.

Inquiry and price confirmation

●  Please provide details of inquired product. Size of the custom products

●  For customized packaging, please provide the style of the packing(bale or carton)

●  More details help us quote accurately, to avoid any future pricing disagreement.

Product delivery

●  Balance payment is due before delivery.  Annual contact payment term is negotiable, please contact our sales for details.

●  Delay of payment may result in delay of delivery.

Complimentary Samples for you and Technical Consultation at your convenience

Free sample upon request for your convenience.(Without the shipping cost for sample)

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