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How to Make and Maintain Wood Planter Boxes

How to Make and Maintain Wood Planter Boxes


Growing crops in containers plus placing them in your garden or patio area will certainly put a stylish highlight to any place. There are many types of containers available on the market today. Nothing, however , can certainly compete with some sort of beauty of a great elegant, wooden planter, Wooden storage containers are easy in order to make and can certainly be painted in various colors to fit your surroundings. Before you make a new box take a few time to check out some specific features of various types of woods. Do not forget that solid wood may rot above time and attract carpenter ants or sow bugs. If you do not plan on sealing your wholesale wooden planters think about making them out associated with redwood, cedar or even teak. This kind of real wood is not only incredibly appealing and functional but also durable and resistant to rot. Less sturdy material like birch or pine is going to have to become varnished to create a container humidity resistant.

Here is definitely a simple listing of items of which you should have in purchase to complete your project. A wood found, wood boards, a hammer, a punch equipped with a new half or three fourth of a great inch drill little, wood glue (optional), stain, a waterproof liner, a T or even L square in addition to few nails.

If you don't want to make use of reducing the boards your self remember that just about all hardware or lumber stores can cut the wood for you. You should use possibly a newly bought wood or collect some leftovers from your previous project.

On a piece of paper draw a condition of your textbox. Most of typically the boxes are rectangular but you might want to make a square or possibly a triangular a single. Think of the dimension of your package. What type associated with plants considering planting in it? Does the plants grow huge and need even more room for their own roots later on?

Determine out the sizes of your box on a piece associated with wood. Cut the particular sides and the base of your box for the size you want. Become very exact as your box will appearance off center in the event that the pieces no longer match nicely. When you don't have a solid bit of wood you can certainly use few 2x4 boards cut on equal length. A person can glue these people together to kind a solid basic.

Arrange the rest of the 4 pieces of wood into a container shape. custom wooden planters of them together and location them for the foundation. Secure the sides to the base having a single two and a half inch nails on every corner, piercing though the overlapped surfaces. To get a more stable structure you may hammer one nail every two inches alongside the edges involving the box.

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