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Picnic Basket

Picnic Basket


Picnic  Basket


The picnic mat is the essence, so the picnic basket must be the soul! The small basket that wicker makes up not only match with rural character,  The plain wicker basket makes up basket to appear very clean in the color of spring. Fill with your favourite flowers and fruits in the basket that the premier rural style appearance immediately. Picnic basket is not only good-looking but also very useful, although the basket volume is small, but there are high capacity! If youre baking hot breads, a pizza, or some sweet cupcakes, bring them all into a picnic basket. Picnic basket is soul of picnic that its very convenient and useful.There are different style with picnic basket small basket or picnic basket with lid. Small basket is handmade by sturdy natural willow and have a detachable and washable cotton lined. Suitable for outdoor picnic to carry fruits, fresh and beautiful flowers. It's also can be used for home storage or shopping in the market and deli. Flip picnic baskets are also suitable for outdoor and home settings! Compared with ordinary small basket, the lid dust proof design is more suitable for friends who like homemade meals to carry on, so that will make your picnic trip is more secure. Choose the flip picnic basket is more cost-effective than small basket.

Clean and Maintenance of Wicker Basket 

Wicker basket clean: wicker baskets are handmade of rattan and willow, if the surface gap deposited dust, the simplest way is to brush with soft hair, or use a vacuum cleaner.

If scale builds up on the surface of the basket, scrubbing it with a soft damp cloth dipped in salt water will not only remove dirt, but also keep the wicker picnic basket soft and elastic.

l  Flower basket maintenance: In the daily maintenance of the flower basket most avoid exposure to the sun and dry, ranging from the impact of the colour fade yellow, heavy damage the bonding part dry, brittle, cracking, so try not to put the flower basket in the range of sunshine.

If it is found that the wicker has loose phenomenon.Firstly, it might be wet the basket with water as well. And then use pliers to fix it. Finally, coated with strong adhesive on the basket.

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