As a large-scaled wicker basket manufacturer, we could supply various kinds of willow items with delicate design and superb quality.

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Tips for Select Flower Baskets

Tips for Select Flower Baskets


  Fill with your favourite flowers to add some colour to your outdoor or indoor space.

  •  Size selection: baskets come in a variety of sizes from small to large, so people should consider the size of the flowers you want to carry.

  • Shape selection. Flower basket has round, square, oval and other shapes, combined with the flower to achieve the shape of the select of appropriate flower basket shape.

  •  Quality of the flower basket:Filled the flower in the wicker flower basket must be placed in a smooth and stable place.People can gently squeeze basket body that can help you check the toughness and firmness of the flower basket. 

  • In addition, people need to carefully check whether the handle of the flower basket is stable.


                 Our wicker baskets are an ideal gift for any gardening enthusiast. 


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